Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My first watercolour

Angela (15 x 20 in.) watercolour, by Carol Berry, copyright 1993

I have not painted for three months, but everything I do when I'm not working as a graphic artist is geared towards getting me there, including creating this blog and going to meetings at my art club. While I am in this "between" time, I'm going to continue to post a couple of times a week, featuring paintings I've done in the past.

Here is my first watercolour painting, a portrait I did of my eldest daughter, done many years ago. I never tried watercolour until I was in my mid thirties. I was not introduced to it during my fine arts student years. I was finally taught this flexible medium in an illustration class I took while studying graphic design. I loved it, everything about watercolour made sense to me, probably because there is so much technique involved. There are many ways to use watercolours, but at that time I was shown the wonder of transparent glazing, mixing colours on the paper by painting layers of the three primary colours and burnt siennia.

A few years ago I switched back to oil paint, partly because the original watercolour paintings cannot be distinguished from giclee prints and mostly because I did not want to have to pay for expensive mattes, glass and frames to be able to show my paintings with my art club.

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  1. Great job capturing that child look we all know so well! Boredom...