Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks Mary Pratt

Thanks Mary (15 x 24) watercolour, by Carol Berry, copyright 2000, in the collection of the East York Foundation.

This painting is inspired by the Canadian artist, Mary Pratt. I set up the objects for the still life and photographed the scene, using a whole roll of slides. Luckily the light changed in the last couple of shots and finally I had what I wanted. I remember that this was painted on watercolour board, a first and a last for me, I paint watercolour with many, many layers of thin glazes of colour, the board was not as absorbent as my usual 140 lb. Arches and the threat of lifting previous layers of paint was very real. This painting was purchased by the East York Foundation, my first piece in a public collection.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Emily Provincial Park

Emily Provincial Park (16 x 24) oil, by Carol Berry, copyright 2006

I have taken a bit of a break from posting because I had surgery a couple of weeks ago. Nothing serious, but certainly disruptive. 

This painting of the view from the beach at Emily Provincial Park is one of my first landscapes. Mixing the blues was very elusive, I finally realized that I had mixed all my tubes of blue paints together to get the blues I wanted. I painted this during a few weekends while camping at Emily. I must admit that I used photo references and didn't paint on location, instead setting up my easel in the shade on our campsite.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My new plein air kit

I am having a fun morning, learning about Blogger. The fine artist in me has to compete with the applied artist. My latest kick is to figure out how to post here using my iPhone and more importantly my soon to be new iPad!

Rainy day studio

Whiskey (18 x 24 in.) oil on canvas, by Carol Berry, copyright 2009.

I painted Whiskey's portrait last August at our trailer. Unfortunately it was a really wet summer and rained almost every weekend. Luckily our new home-away-from-home has a large brightly kitchen which easily fit my studio easel and paints. After five years of use I found that my favourite Julian French easel was not flexible enough for me, and I gave it to a very delighted eldest daughter. Over the past few months I've put together a new plein air kit. I'm looking so forward to spring to get outside to paint. I admit that I'm not brave enough to paint outdoors in Toronto in the wintertime even though our it has been unseasonably mild lately.