Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Laneway at Cedar Valley Resort

Carol Berry, Laneway at Cedar Valley Resort. oil, 8 x 10 inches. ©2011.

I felt a bit silly and public when I ended up painting a scene right across the lane way from our own trailer at Cedar Valley Resort. I had lots of visitors who passed me on the way to and from the swimming pond. Everyone's comments were supportive and I soon relaxed and finished this up in a couple of hours. 

My goal this summer is to learn how to be decisive with my brushstrokes, meaning I have to get the colour right before I paint it. In my mind I liken this approach to my old marker rendering days.  

This spring I googled pochade box and the first entry was a local Kijiji ad for a EasyL Lite pochade kit for a hundred bucks. I was lucky enough to buy it and I love this new set up, can't say enough about how well this box is constructed and its accessories planned. Special features that I like is that the painting panel is high, allowing the palette to be low and my shoulder to be kept in a relaxed natural position. I also like how the tripod (which came with the kit) has a wider setting for its legs making the whole kit more stable. 


  1. I think your name should be moved to green side-right now the whole road and attention goes to your name.

  2. Nice work Carol! It can be intimidating painting in a bussy area!! But, you did very well :) I am always happy to see more TO artists painting outdoors! All the best!