Applied and Fine Arts

With a BFA in studio arts as well as a diploma in graphic design, I am involved in both the applied and the fine arts fields. Like many artists, I work as a freelance graphic designer and production artist creating print layouts. I even worked in prepress for a couple of years! 

I love working all day on my Mac with my three monitors. I have always enjoyed using technology to create art; mastering creative software has been a thrill. An avid photographer, developing my 35mm black and white film in a closet darkroom has evolved to shooting in 16 bit raw. My partner calls me a gadget queen! Lately I can't imagine life without my iPhone and my beloved iPad! 

During the past couple of years I have been focusing more energy on my fine art career, painting both portraits and landscapes in traditional media. This past summer I painted oil landscape studies "en plein air". When it rained, I painted little still life studies set-up inside our trailer. I continue to paint at the Don Valley Art Club life sessions and occasionally complete larger studio paintings.